1 km is worth 20 points 1 mile is worth 30 points.
When you do a U-turn (Down arrow on keyboard) your jersey however will disappear (!) as there are 3 jerseys in each direction.
Once Zwift has booted its time to LOG IN!Props the Legend that is Jeremy Samuels for busting a gut to confirm the theory!The most useful screen is going to be the Actions/Gestures screen This screen contains the majority of the important in game signal controls, and the camera Elbow flick, Wave, Bell, Hammer time, Im toast, Ride ON!Misc Awards Draft for 15 seconds When you unlock an achievement/aware, a banner also displays across the screen Zwift Keys There are various keyboard short cuts to Zwift, some of which are distinctly more important that others.Jessie Donavan, a long-time endurance athlete and mother of three, Jessie lives with her family near Burlington, Vermont.

For their good work if you see them, but there are some who ride incognito, so beware!
If you cross the line and unlock a segment jersey you also get fireworks too!- But what are the segment jerseys?
Smart, turbo trainer, to allow the software to adjust the turbos resistance on the fly. .
Were used to this on Twitter emium, but it is needed on Zwift as well given that there are a lot of Pro riders who normally use Zwift Strava Shield Another icon you might see when flying round the island is the orange shield.The three icons underneath the topography map show the location of the Segment/Competition banners.This is read in the direction of the big arrow, as you can choose which direction to ride in The large orange dot on both graphs is you. .When the bar has been filled up, you level.Where would you like to ride?Note that the icon on the FAR left is the KOM spotted jersey banner, NOT a finish line banner.Thirty-seven-year-old Leah is a development director at her alma mater, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.Im aiming for this post to work as a Zwift User Manual for those looking at Zwift in the first instance.Special/Temporary Unlockables Zwift from time to time does events and team ups.