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Notifications, app notifications, aka toast notifications, are the little colored metro-esque bars that slide out from the top-right corner to inform you about Calendar dates and funny gifts for your sister Alarms and such.
Some time ago, we published an article on how to find the Control Panel in Windows.
The Accounts settings and the User accounts control panel have similarities, but Microsoft has rolled the most basic functionality (add and deleting users) into PC settings while removing it from the control panel.
Other accounts, here in the other accounts settings, you can add, edit, and remove user accounts.Network Overall, we think Windows networking has regressed a little.Make sure you see the file extension.txt (if you don't see it, activate file extensions first!).If you actually want to round out your account, such as add more personally identifiable information, you will need to login to your Microsoft account on the m website use the more account settings online option.However, if this assignment for some reason breaks (another program registers this file extension or you manually open.nsm file with another program, etc.) you'll have to fix it manually.Connections The Connections settings let you view and configure existing network connections be they of the wired, wireless, or virtual private network (VPN) variety.Hsdpa LTE, t-Mobile APN settings for BLU Win JR LTE 100 compatible with T-Mobile, gSM hsdpa LTE.Also of note here is the PIN option, which allows you quick access to your device through a 4-digit number, and the much-ballyhooed Picture password, which allows you to open your device with gestures you draw on a picture (much more effective on a touchscreen.

And, of course, if you want to personalize and refine your Start screen experience, PC settings are the only way to accomplish that).
Its not entirely perfect (you cant sync Desktop apps, for example but its a big step forward for Windows users who want a more consistent experience across multiple Windows devices.
Most of the stuff in search and apps is related to the Start screen (Windows Store apps however some settings will also affect Desktop behavior (specifically defaults).Youre ready to go: Simply select a profile and activate it!Defaults Defaults settings do what the Default Programs control panel does.but at the bottom there are also links to choose default apps by type as well as protocols.It displays the size of the app and allows you to quickly uninstall them if theyre taking up too much space.Also, you can clear your search history if you want to cover your tracks.The Your account settings add an option to change an existing account to a childs account, though ironically, Microsoft Family Safety is still a Control Panel-only option.It is one of the only PC settings that has system-wide ramifications but has no Control Panel equivalent, so you want to know where it is and how to use.These settings apply to Windows Store apps only, so youll still need to use the notification area icons control panel to adjust how desktop applications notify you.Rename the file (including its extension) to fix.

To do so follow this step by step: Create an empty text file: right-click on your desktop, New, Text Document.
The control panel basically does the same thing as its Metro counterpart, though Bluetooth devices are given their own settings while they are lumped into Devices and Printers.
NetSetMan Touch is a Windows 8/10 Metro/Modern UI add-on for the desktop version of NetSetMan (Pro) that allows switching between your already existing profiles from a touch-friendly user interface.