New York: HP Books.
Model year vehicles could be ordered in Pennant Blue, Sportsman Red, Black, or Polo White; 3,640 were built, and sold slowly.
This was also the gadget city coupon code first time that a Corvette was used as a Pace Car for the Indianapolis 500.
2002 Driven by actor Jim Caviezel ; no production replicas produced but graphics were available through SPO approximately 300 sets sold.Standard Catalog of Chevrolet 3rd Edition.It retained many of the features of the Z06 including a wide body with 18x9.5 and 19x12 inch wheels, dry sump oiling (manual transmission coupes only 6-piston 14" front brakes and 4-piston rear, and improved suspension.In August, 2013, the weight of the new Corvette was reported to be 3,444 lb (1,562 kg 89 meaning it would weigh more than the previous generation's C6 ZR1 model (3,324 lb (1,508 kg).

26 Corvette chief engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov never liked the split rear window because it blocked rear vision, but Mitchell thought it to be a key part of the entire design.
It was designed to help the Corvette meet.S.
Harley Earl's successor, Bill Mitchell was the man behind most of the Corvette concepts of the 1960s and 1970s.
A new body was introduced for the 1956 model featuring a new "face" and side coves; the taillamp fins were also gone."2009 Corvette ZR1 Power Numbers Finalized: LS9 V8 Hits 638 HP!".High-performance C5 Corvette builder's guide.77 The last C6 Corvette was manufactured in February 2013.News World Report 108 selected the 2010 Corvette the "Best Luxury Sports Car for the Money".While demand for his products was still strong and growing, the handwriting was on the wall.76 Participants helped the assembly line workers build the V8 engine, then took delivery of the car at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY, near the Corvette final assembly point.So there was far more than just the front engine and rear transmission design of the C5 that was still very much present underneath the C6's skin.1999 33,270 Less-expensive hardtop coupé is offered.