what is the traditional 25th wedding anniversary gift

These sterling silver vases were designed to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary.
Though each vase looks great on its own, they were designed to be together.
What gift shall I get my Parents on their 25th wedding anniversary?Traditional Gift France, silver.These days, you can book a large upscale catering companies or opt for a small local caterer to match your budget.The reason why platinum is the symbolic metal for the 25th year of marriage because it carries with it the properties that complement the marriage journey.Bells of Ireland, which are a traditional green flower, are another option some couples may prefer.Couples with an Irish Catholic background, for example, might want to bring in certain types of traditions and customs.For men, they can display the pendant in a rear view mirror in their car or just simply hung it in the window to catch the sunlight.However, you can also explore options like re-creating the couples honeymoon as a theme, or creating a theme based on their favorite hobby or vacation spot.Pocket watches can serve as both traditional and modern gift ideas.Why not let your creativity loose and make something that features silver.Renew your wedding vows.Traditional Gift Russia, silver.

In need of entertainment ideas?
Black and White Cocktail Party: Host an adult-only cocktail party and set a black and white dress code to celebrate your anniversary in style.
Traditional Modern Anniversary Gifts, traditional Gift UK, silver.
DJ: If you have a variety of taste in music, opt for booking a DJ so he or she can spin your favorite oldies or the latest hits.
Breakfast at Tiffanys: Nothing goes better with silver than blue.She can either display it in your room or in the office.25th Anniversary Color, the color for a 25th wedding anniversary is silver, to match the traditional 25th anniversary symbol.Sometimes, the best gifts are handmade.The crown represents loyalty, the hands indicate friendship and the heart stands for the couples love for each other.(From Red Letter Days).Flower Gift, iris, gemstone how to ask for gift cards on baby shower invitation Gift, tsavorite, modern Gift.If you need more inspiration, reference these anniversary wishes, anniversary"s for him and"s for her.You can incorporate silver throughout your party decorations, the anniversary cake, and the couples wardrobe.Photobooth: Since this will be one of the biggest parties of the year for the couple and their family, capture every special moment by setting up a photobooth!