what is reward gateway

The company also plans to add a skill for employees to access the discounts available through its "SmartSpending" programme.
People, as the leading employee engagement platform provider in the UK, we wouldnt feel right if we didnt practice great employee engagement ourselves.
Staff at Reward Gateway noticed that employee usage of the platform was increasingly driven by mobile interaction.It includes the performance of the engagement programme, trending company news and the popularity of different benefits during a time period of their choice.Our unique employee discounts model allows us to provide fun bachelorette party gift ideas you with the highest discount rates and biggest choice of retailers.Employee Discounts: SmartSpending, smartSpending is the #1 discounts solution in the UK, allowing you to offer your staff genuine discounts which have an actual impact on their disposable income, as well as building your employment brand as a great place to work.We have a really positive relationship and, for me, that sets the Reward Gateway team apart from other providers.With over 60 events behind us, we have great experience running inspirational events for the HR community focussed on topics including culture communication, employee engagement, employee benefits, reward, recognition, wellbeing, perks and motivation."It's for HR professionals to be able to use Alexa when they're at home or possibly at work to be able to ask details of the particular performance of the products that we've got in place says Hurd-Wood.Reward Gateway also considered launching the product with Siri and Google Assistant, but ultimately plumped for Alexa due to its superior scalability and distribution.

I feel incredibly supported by Reward Gateway and really enjoy working with my team there.
You can see more success stories by visiting: m/case-study-library, with the introduction of our communications platform, The KK Mixer, weve transitioned our HR communications to a branded, culture-driven platform that employees love engaging with.
"It splits a bit by time as you'd expect chief product officer Richard Hurd-Wood told.
The companys advanced technologies unit decided that the increasing availability and social acceptance of virtual personal assistants made voice interaction a logical next step.In February 2017 Reward Gateway released the worlds first employment engagement skill for Amazon Alexa to help companies save time by supporting real-time engagement."Very heavy mobile and tablet usage pre 9 o'clock, during the working day switched to desktop and laptop and then immediately when you get to 5 o'clock the usage of the product takes off again and switches through to mobile and tablet.".About the company, and about how they can make it a better place to work."We have a dedicated internal team which enables us to get that product data from the API into the Alexa Skill.".Products, reward Gateway helps you deliver and showcase employee benefits, discounts and perks, employee recognition, wellbeing, and communications to attract, engage and retain your most important asset: Your People.Employee Wellbeing: SmartFit, smartFit provides employees discounts on the broadest range of fitness activities with instant delivery to improve their wellbeing, including gym club membership, fitness classes, home exercise equipment and more.One of the building blocks of employee engagement and.Reward Gateway helps companies to attract, engage retain their people with an employee engagement platform that brings everything together in one unified hub.They rely on Reward Gateway to increase employee engagement, and as a result, make employees more productive, innovative, and better at making decisions.

Because of the success of The Green Room, weve seen a large rise in how our colleagues communicate with one another, and how they feel about Spotlight as a company.