And, unlike some theme park attractions, this is one street of shops where you, the visitor, can't buy anything.
Diagon Alley is truly magical.
NOW ON: dark arts 28TH september - 10TH november, mORE info, coming soon: fantastic beasts screenings 17TH, 18TH 19TH november.So when the film productions started for Harry Potter, it was literally like watching a world we had imagined inside our minds come to life.The tour really reiterates and highlights that the film crew, makeup artists, costume designs and actors had a true dedication to making the magical world of Hogwarts a reality more rewards amex review for the lives of fans it touched so deeply.But don't worry, there's plenty of opportunities to spend money at the end of the walking auto show promotional code tour.

The complex set designs, the intricate costumes and the animatronics are truly astounding and remarkable achievements in the film industry.
It is highly recommended to book into a tour in advance to avoid long queue waiting times and epic disappointment if they're sold out that day.
Walking across the Hogwarts bridge, driving the blue car and sitting on Hagrid's motorbike can only be described as bizarre experiences that really belong to a fictional idealism.Always ON: forbidden forest, sTEP into THE forbidden forest, mORE info.More info, coming soon: hogwarts IN THE snow 17TH november - 27TH january 2019.I need not state at this point that yes, I am a massive Harry Potter fan.The tour commences with a short video about some of the magic behind the scenes of filming the Harry Potter and features the main stars of the film Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.The tour not only gives Harry Potter fans to experience crystal anniversary gifts for him uk the closest thing to Hogwarts this world has to offer, but it really widens one's appreciation for the artwork, creativity and hard work that went into bringing this world to life.The characters we had envisaged and idolised or despised were talking to us on the screen.

It was an unforgettable experience and a pivotal stage in my Harry Potter fan-development.
There are many iconic features of the Harry Potter world on display here and the outdoor section gives you a chance to really immerse yourself in the sets.
Hence, when planning a trip to London with my best friend from childhood, there were no questions asks that we would be going to the Warner Brothers Studios in London to finally enter Hogwarts.