They were to be used as a retaliatory measure if the Japanese first used chemical weapons.
On December 29, 1999, four days after Russian forces began an assault of Grozny, Chechen terrorists exploded two chlorine tanks in the town.
Chemical agents are classified as persistent or nonpersistent.
One of Germany's earliest uses of chemical weapons occurred on October 27, 1914, when shells containing the irritant dianisidine chlorosulfonate were fired at British troops near Neuve-Chapelle, France.
This technique overcame many of the risks of dealing with gas in cylinders.2 About 70 different chemicals have been used or stockpiled as chemical warfare agents during the 20th century.12 In the late 15th century, Spanish conquistadors encountered a rudimentary type of chemical warfare on the island of Hispaniola.Russia met its stores that sell hollister gift cards uk treaty obligations by destroying 1 percent of its chemical agents by the 2002 deadline set out by the Chemical Weapons Convention, but requested an extension on the deadlines of 20ue to technical, financial, and environmental challenges of chemical disposal.16 A Canadian soldier with mustard gas burns,.Encyclopedia of cancer and society.Thus, gas was of no use to the German Army under most conditions.

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Disarmament lessons from the Chemical Weapons Convention Archived June 6, 2013, at the Wayback Machine.
43 44 The Germans developed and manufactured large quantities of several agents, but chemical warfare was not extensively used by either side.
Many nations possess vast stockpiles of weaponized agents in preparation for wartime use.
The opcw announced "The government of Iraq has deposited its instrument of accession to the Chemical Weapons Convention with the Secretary General of the United Nations and within 30 days, on 12 February 2009, will become the 186th State Party to the Convention".
For decontaminating equipment and buildings exposed to persistent agents, such as blister agents, VX or other agents made persistent by mixing with a thickener, special equipment and materials might be needed.A b c d Mayor 2003 Michael Bothe; Natalino Ronzitti; Allan Rosas, eds.Moving large numbers of heavy gas cylinders to the front-line positions from where the gas would be released was a lengthy and difficult logistical task.105 Many other stockpiles, estimated by unscom up to 600 metric tons of chemical weapons, were known to have existed and even admitted by Saddam's regime, but claimed by them to have been destroyed.September 4, 1900: The First Hague Convention, which includes a declaration banning the "use of projectiles the object of which is the diffusion of asphyxiating or deleterious gases enters into force.Although their primary function was never abandoned, a variety of fills for shells were developed to maximize the effects of the smoke.79 On the defensive side, there were years of difficult work to develop the means of prophylaxis, therapy, rapid detection and identification, decontamination and more effective protection of the body against nerve agents, capable of exerting effects through the skin, the eyes and respiratory tract.