Quartzsite Show Circuit, the Quartzsite show circuit is considered a jump start to the Tucson show circuit and if you have time you should definitely add it to your itinerary.
Only time will tell if it was bargain or not, as new mines do have a reputation of one off hits, in other words, its just a small pocket of a certain mineral or gemstone and when the miner goes back to the mine.
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Today the costs of raw materials have also skyrocketed due to environmental laws and the cost of mining operations. The Society's hope is to create an impact on curious young minds, and share the delight in the science and beauty of minerals and related earth sciences.In the past, vendors from other countries would overload and bring in too much stock.Show Dates: February 14-17, 2019 02/14/201902/17/2019, hours: Daily 10-6, Final day 10-5, promoter: bonanza gift store las vegas Tucson Gem Mineral Society, Inc.Unfortunately for the show, the cost of booths and overheads have sky rocketed.Retail Blur I have noticed that over the last few years the wholesale and retail prices have blurred.There are too many stories of excessive charging to sellers that buyer do not realize and this affects what seller can sell his goods for.A recent International colored gemstone association meeting had only 10 members who sell online and the rest do retail or trade shows.But Time is money now, and business people cannot afford to spend weeks at shows, especially if sales are lower and they are now caught spiralling downwards on the business model, so it is hard for everyone.The Gem Show can also be time consuming so make sure you have very comfortable walking shoes.

Advance Information: tgms, (520) 322-5773; fax (520).
Japanese and Australian buyers have also slowed down.
Bring your account number for FedEx or UPS, or apply for an account if you dont have one as the rates are higher at the show than normal.Some sellers will offer items at keystone price.Always have plenty of business cards and dockets so the sellers who youve bought from can tape it onto your purchases outside the box.On the first day he looks for quality items that he can move quickly at a reasonable profit.Important Tips From A Tucson Gem Show Visitor.Lapidary club - If youre a member of a club, sometimes its a good to start visit a show together as you see all the people go their own way during the day and then come back at the end and all share information about.Most items in my collection Ive paid for at that time for a reasonable price and now these items are valuable.On the last day he offers to buy parcel lots at a low price that he can sell at a high margin, but can potentially take while to get his money back.

Gemstone and opal industry is more unique items, so this strategy will not work.
The days when an opal would change through 4-6 hands, each with a margin are now ending as buyers are sourcing direct.
I look at my private collection from over 25 years and I dont have many bargain items in my collection.