Emeraude plunges into deep florals.
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I loved it on her iphone 7 plus international giveaway but didn't think I'd wear it until I was in my 60's.Easy scent, inoffensive, feels like you just showered.The amber, patchouli and incense, are signature Oriental notes, and in addition there's sandalwood and other woodsy notes.It's sexy without having to be flirty and girly in the silly scents of cotton candy and bakery shop notes.Clothes compatible to the scent are so plain as the scent: jeans, white cotton t shirt, all star shoes, i don't feel fancy in this perfume at all.The fresh citrus and then the green notes of patchouli seem to represent emeralds, a necklace of emeralds, or a crown of emeralds.It smells unisex and so both a Hindu prince or princess could wear this.It's almost like there's melted gold as part of the jewelry.But to my nasal detection the citruses almost immediately embrace rose wood.

Hell yeah, it was.
This is a luxurious and lavish floral fragrance tinctured with incense, patchouli leaves, benzoin, amber and spices.
Not a happy fragrance at all, it's rather verging on eal only for spring, not even summer.
The poker world youda games promo code first spritz is citruses that resemble those of Shalimar's opening notes.
My mother wore Emeraude to Church.Why don't they sing its praises to the high heavens as Shalimar?It smells like a green gown or robe, silky and diaphanous.Not powdery florals like Shalimar, not vanilla with flowerets and petals, but deep jasmine, night blooming jasmine, fragrant in it's white floral scent, almost spraying it out there like a skunk (in a good way).The old version i remember was clean and fresh but not light, it would hit the nose, others would ask you what are you wearing?, or you smell really nice, like the old one got attention, the new one, no, it's that light.It seems to want to capture your attention and whisk you away to India.I couldn't smell any other floral note but there might be more going on here as far as florals.The emerald is, and I'm"ng the 1980's TV commercials I used to watch: "an invisible liquid jewel you wear on your neck".As such, this fragrance develops into a different direction than Shalimar the formula selling today that.It is very floral.

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The ylang plus jasmine plus rose trio is similar to Chanel.