sunglasses end of year gift

I decided to put them all in one blog post to share with you and make them easily available for anyone who may need them.
Thanks so much for reading about these easy end of the year gifts for students!
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They were about 15 for a pack of 24, so less than a dollar each!I left the tag pokemon conquest action replay codes instant win on this one generic, again to save you from running around looking for class sets!How Can I Get My Free Gift Tags?I am a huge dog lover and often use a dog theme in my classroom throughout the school year; therefore, I sometimes like to use this adorable student gift to coordinate with our class theme. Simply attach this colorful tag to a box of crayons.I must say this is one of my favorites as I love the beach!Starburst Student Gift for The End of the Year.Print out these gift tags that say "You Have a Bright Future Ahead of You!" and attach them to pairs of sunglasses for good-bye gifts for your students!First, I was in love with the sunglasses I found last year in the Target dollar section.

Since we have Amazon Prime, we usually order the 12 box pack which is usually on sale for around.
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Amazon for less than a dollar each.
M Ms End of the School Year Student Gift.Now, you have created an instant end of the year gift for every student.Purchasing through affiliate links is an easy, painless way to help out your favorite bloggers. Both include student gift tags for boys and girls.Place a few pieces in a baggie and attach the tag of your choice.Attach it to a baggie of erasers, snacks, a water bottle, a box of crayons, play-dough the choice is yours!Thank you so much for your continued support!And probably laying on stomach while Im at it!This article along with several others on The Printable Princess site contain Amazon affiliate links.