Service fee for online stores is a nordstrom gift receipt reasonable 9 of product cost.
M M Awesome for luxury beauty products, including non-Korean brands.
You are relying on a third party in the middle, Avecko.
If you are not sure about your clothing or shoes size, each brand staged at provides a detailed size chart.So basically if you require Koreanbuddy to search for the item for you, the service fee for that particular product is 20 (see above for example of how this is calculated).Cons 20 service fee for products with no URL provided.Go to and prepare yourself for the upcoming season!

Before I knew about it, I was always drooling over things that were on Korean websites, hoping that someone on eBay would selfridges wine gifts sell it ca sgip rebate or hoping that I would be able to find an online store that sold it at a reasonable price.
You fill out a form about what you want to buy, they order it for you online, they receive the shipment for you in Korea and then they post it to you.
One con of buying services is that shipping cost is by weight only and can get expensive.
So can get very expensive.
The site mainly sells kpop stuff, but there is a big section of beauty.And also depends on the shipping method you use.Which I think offers shipping worldwide.NUL tongdak 88, e UI n d a hYe s apMPelicana 90, bake Cheese TartAvenuel.Really good Q A section beneath each product.