Endnotes We dont have specific support for endnotes, but you can achieve this with crosslinks.
For images inside the book, to determine the maximum pixel size of the image, you multiply the content area in inches by the Pixels Per Inch setting for your images.
Check the helpful, fAQ for Readers and/or the, fAQ for Authors, join the Leanpub Google Group at m/group/leanpub and post your question there.
Shelf life varies by food type.Were going to try to make it comprehensive but keep it intuitive.This is useful for.g.According to the Intl isbns own position paper, the ISO standard says: Each different format of an electronic publication (e.g.lit,.pdf,.html,.pdb) that is published and made separately available shall be given a separate isbn.You will then see our various terms and conditions for books with mature content.A Note About Character Encoding Depending on the text editor you are using and its settings, sometimes you may see weird characters appear in your text, and some characters may fail to appear at all.How Can I Add Blank Lines To My Text?

Where Amazon and Apple are non-exclusive, we expect that authors will also continue to sell their finished books on Leanpub: a) our royalty rates are better b) distributing updates is easier c) variable pricing d) bundles e) more reader info Now, where Amazon or Apple.
Generation Settings These settings can affect the way your book is generated.
The one caveat is that we cant send attachments that are greater than 8 MB, so if your book has.mobi file that is bigger than that, readers will have to send it to their Kindle manually.
JavaScript Lovely little language that really shines when you add CoffeeScript to the mix.Use as low a PPI as you are happy with to keep the book file size down.So, for example, this wont work: #SirHDavyResults Sir.To do this, in the Book Tools menu for your book, click on Selling Royalties.In the table, you will see information related to each bundle, including its name, state (pending or accepted Total Royalties (your royalties Minimum Price and Suggested Price.We also have a several how-to guides and videos, high school film contests 2016 which you can find on out Help page at: m/help.This is for a number of reasons, the main one being that many of our books are published while they are still in-progress.Currently, we support Hebrew and Arabic.

Dedication, Parts, Chapters and Sections Dedication Here you can enter a short dedication for your book, which will appear before the Table of Contents.
One * o Putting Code Blocks Inside Lists To put a code block in a list, do something like this: one #!/usr/bin/env ruby puts "hiya".times n puts n two three Some notes: The code is indented by 8 spaces, not the usual.
So, if you type this: C *It was the best of times, it was the worst of times* C C - Charles Dickens It was a dark and stormy night.