Modestly Grand Ribbit Ring : Req.
Battle waves of playerunknown's battlegrounds gift codes elite students in each classroom to collect Oda Coins, which can be used to purchase items from Sagacious Goemon, the Totem martell cognac gift set Merchant.
Evan Wing Hair Band : Untradeable.
S tudent's Vibrant Rawr Badge : Req.
T iger's Battle Record : Untradeable.Potential Evaluation cost 50 off!Starshiip Duration: (after maintenance), 2359hrs Requirement: Started with Stellar Detective How to start: Click on the Calender Icon in the Star Notifier.This ring can be upgraded using the Ascension Module.C lean Slate Scroll 10 : Untradeable.E xpert's Vibrant Pew Pew Badge : Req.Lv: 35, STR: 5, Weapon DEF/Magic DEF: 30, 7-day duration Supple Dark Matter Clover Hat : Untradeable, Req.Lv: 40, LUK: 8, Weapon ATT/Magic ATT: 5, 7-day duration Perfect Shuriken Clover Totem : Untradeable, Req.1,200 Bowls Made: Store Patron Medal : Untradeable.

Pork Bowl Hat : Untradeable. .
S tudent's Gentle Pew Pew Badge : Req.
Speak with NPC Viviana to enter the Singapore City Run mini-game.
Very Fatal Rawr Ring : Req.33 and above Test your wits and skills as you battle against Oda Nobunagas elite students.Lv: 40, STR: 5, Weapon DEF/Magic DEF: 45, 7-day duration Delicate Crimson Clover Necklace : Untradeable, Req.Reboot world only - Elixir (x100) Day 13: 1 Hour 2x Drop Coupon : Untradeable.Gold Potential Stamp : Untradeable.Lv: 90, STR: 70 for 2 hours.

Available in non-Reboot worlds only.