I know since tomato says they mandarin oriental hong kong gift card sent several letters out to owners about recalls and such.
The car now burns 1 qt every red lion coupon code 2016 600 miles.
Said 1144 days ago 2007 Toyota Camry CE, The dealer told me that the oil consumption issue is known and I just need to keep bringing the car back every 2000 miles to have the oil changed.Said 1627 days ago The Engine on my 2007 Toyota Camry just got destroyed, supposedly due to the car being "out of oil".Said 643 days ago 2005 prius constant need of oil Laura.I now have 94,000 miles on the car with no prius resolution from Toyota.Have to do oil change every 1500 miles jose.My mechanic thought the check engine light was on because I needed at new CAT.Said 1375 days ago If the dealer performs an oil consumption check you should provide them the oil you've been using and "watch" them add whatever is neccessary to fill to capacity and seal the system.Said 861 days ago I too am frustrated.

I dropped the RAV 4 off at the dealership, they sealed the oil dipstick and drain plug and I then drove 1200 miles over the next couple weeks and took it back for the test results.
This started at about 70,000 miles said 1085 days ago Oil light came on and car is making a ticking sound never happen before what's the meaning 2004Camry said 1084 days ago 2010 toyota camry, using about.5 quart of oil every 3,000 supershoes com coupon code miles said.
Said 218 days ago My wife owns a Toyota Rav4 2007 sport SUV 4 cyl.
Once the car was fixed I took the car to Toyota to get the recall fixed.
Then when I hot home seen there was 289,000 miles.My husband even works for Toyota and it doesn't make any difference.I suggest people research before purchasing a Toyota.Was not aware of this situation until d had my engine rebuilt.Said 1107 days ago I have a 06 sion tc no leaks goed threw 3 quarts of oil every 1000 miles Kevin.Failed the oil consumption test, waiting for replacement parts, originally told a 3-12 week wait for repairs, now "it could be much longer, Toyota is not shipping parts".So here's my question.

Mechanic says it's definitely this oil consumption issue.
Said 1203 days ago Over 4 months my local Toyota dealer told my car qualified for the piston replacement program due to excessive oil consumption.
I started googleling to see why my 2007 Rav4 was burning so much oil.