3 PTR by Fred Rambert BC 58 - NBY 47 (BC by 11) assist by Stevie Williams 16:28 NBY missed 3 PTR by Dhonte Ford rebound (OFF) by Dhonte Ford 16:23 BC foul by Miles Leathers 16:23 NBY missed FT shot.J.
Throughout the night however the community really rallied, and we had 13 people including firemen, surveyors, town council planners, doctors etc giving up their time for this great cause.
Bostick 05:06 NBY steal by Xavier Hill 05:06 BC foul.J.
Bostick 13:25 BC good!FT shot by Demarcus Threatt BC 75 - NBY 75 Tied 01:57 NBY missed 3 PTR by Mitch Riggs rebound (OFF) by Brandon Taylor 01:50 NBY good!James Burrows of the Ashby Round Table, spoke about completing the record attempt: I cant describe the feeling of pride, achievement birthday gift ideas for 60 year old sister and relief we all felt when we reached the time we needed.Ashby Round Table were made aware of such a local case and decided that rather than donate to the charity, they wanted to do more so they planned to raise the full 5000 required to host a heart screening event in the town.Steal by Mitch Riggs 19:21 NBY missed 3 PTR.J.As they are undetected, they are rarely treated.FT shot by Stevie Williams BC 78 - NBY 78 Tied 01:18 NBY missed 3 PTR by Gerald Evans rebound (DEF) by Alex Moe 01:09 BC good!Shobnall Leisure Complex, burton upon Trent, sports Centres.Carsington Sports and Leisure, ashbourne, activity Centres, suitable for ages: 9 Outdoor.7 miles from Ashby-de-la-Zouch.

Copeland BC 58 - NBY 48 (BC by 10) 16:07 BC missed jumper by Stevie Williams 16:07 NBY block by Xavier Holmes rebound (DEF) by James Ashby 16:00 NBY turnovr by Gerald Evans 16:00 BC timeout team 15:54 BC good!
Layup by Miles Leathers BC 55 - NBY 45 (BC by 10) assist by Stevie Williams 18:16 NBY missed layup by Xavier Hill rebound (DEF) by Demarcus Threatt 17:57 BC missed layup by Miles Leathers 17:57 NBY block by Brandon Taylor rebound (DEF) by Brandon.
Copeland Brevard (5-22, 4-17 SAC) Player FG 3FG FT Reb ts 05 Miles Leathers f Alex Moe c Demarcus Threatt g Jonas Watts g Stevie Williams.J.
Amazingly Ashby Table have already surpassed their target raising over 5400, with colchester zoo tickets discount vouchers donations still coming in, meaning that the heart screening event will go ahead as planned next January.
At 20:30 on Saturday 28th October with 25 hours and 30 minutes elapsed the team had unofficially set a new Guinness World Record.FT shot by Miles Leathers BC 68 - NBY 55 (BC by 13) 10:24 NBY turnovr by James Stepp 10:22 BC steal by Miles Leathers 09:56 BC turnovr by Miles Leathers 09:55 NBY steal by Gerald Evans 09:45 NBY missed 3 PTR by James Ashby.BC 53 - NBY 41 (BC by 12) 20:00.Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre, leicester, activity Centres, suitable for ages: 4 Indoor, Outdoor.4 miles from Ashby-de-la-Zouch.FT shot by Brandon Taylor.Bostick 05:06 NBY missed FT shot by Xavier Hill rebound (OFF) by (deadball) 05:06 NBY good!BC, wool overs australia vouchers prd, nBY 1st 2nd, total, newberry 40 42 82, brevard, final 82 2nd Period Play-by-Play 20:00.Copeland rebound (OFF) by (deadball) 16:23 NBY good!The rules also stated that the team must eat, sleep and remain at the side of the trampoline throughout the entire duration of the attempt.

Copeland 03:29 BC missed layup by Demarcus Threatt rebound (DEF) by Brandon Taylor 03:23 NBY good!
FT shot by James Stepp BC 65 - NBY 55 (BC by 10) 10:57 BC foul by Omar El Diraoui 10:57 BC turnovr by Omar El Diraoui 10:42 NBY missed jumper by Xavier Holmes rebound (DEF) by Demarcus Threatt 10:36 BC timeout team 10:33.
The hardest part of the attempt itself was the endurance factor of maintaining focus and motivation with little if any sleep.