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(c) An intermediary shall act fairly and impartially.
(b) The amount of a refund ordered as provided in an agreement resulting from an informal settlement conference or an enforcement order may not exceed the sally hansen nail art pen gift set amount the consumer paid to the person for a service or accommodation regulated by this commission.
(a) The commission shall develop and implement policies that provide the public with a reasonable opportunity to appear before the commission and to speak on any issue under the commission's jurisdiction.
Public interest information AND complaint procedures Sec.(c) The commission shall designate a trained person to: (1) coordinate the implementation of the policy adopted under Subsection (a (2) serve as a resource for any training needed to implement the procedures for negotiated rulemaking or alternative dispute resolution; and (3) collect data concerning.Added by Acts 2017, 85th Leg.,.S.,.(d) The commission by rule may prescribe the actions necessary for an aggrieved person to demonstrate that the person has made a good faith effort under Subsection (c) to protect a judgment from being discharged in bankruptcy.The rules adopted under this subsection must provide authority for the commission to suspend or revoke a license in addition to or instead of imposing an administrative penalty.The term does not include an interest given as security for the performance of an obligation.(b) A member of an advisory committee who is not a member of the commission may not receive compensation for service on the committee.The policy must ensure that the public is able to interact with the commission on the Internet.

(b) The contract forms must contain safeguards adequate to protect the principals in the transaction.
The program must require intra-agency postings of all nonentry level positions concurrently with any public posting.
(f) The commission shall remove a broker's license from inactive status if the broker: (1) submits an application to the commission; (2) pays the required fee; and (3) submits proof of attending continuing education as specified by Section 1101.455 during the two years preceding the.
(a) The Texas Real Estate Broker-Lawyer Committee consists of 13 members appointed as follows: (1) six members appointed by the commission; (2) six members of the State Bar of Texas appointed by the president of the state bar; and (3) one public member appointed.(a) The commission may appoint a committee to review the performance of an educational program performing below the standards set by the commission under Section 1101.301.Through this real estate website, you have the ability to search virtually every home or property for sale in the San Antonio Metroplex and also in the fast growing areas of Schertz, Cibolo, Garden Ridge and New Braunfels.Real estate recovery trust account Sec.(b) The commission may: (1) adopt and enforce rules necessary to administer this chapter and Chapter 1102 ; and (2) establish standards of conduct and ethics for persons licensed under this chapter and Chapter 1102 to: (A) fulfill the purposes of this chapter and Chapter.Liability FOR misrepresentation OR concealment.(d) The commission may require a confidentiality agreement be signed by a person entitled to receive information under Subsection (b) before releasing the information.(d) At the time an application is submitted under Subsection (a each applicant shall provide the commission with the applicant's current mailing address and telephone number, and the applicant's business e-mail address if available.(a) The governor shall designate a commission member who is a licensed broker as presiding officer.(c) Based on the findings of fact, conclusions of law, and proposal for decision of the administrative law judge, the commission by order may determine that: (1) a violation occurred and impose an administrative penalty; or (2) a violation did not occur.