prize wheel flapper

If you want, you can adjust the shape of the pie wedges, making some larger, and some smaller.
Cut two notches on each side of the arrowhead base and one notch on the bottom of the arrow.
Even a pattern to jym coupon code get you started.
Unlock your inner artist with Katies abstracting techniques.
Your quilts will gain an air of mystery with this innovative 3-step technique for adding layers of visual interest to representational quilts.Draw another matching line across the top.Tighten up all the screws, then let the base dry for 24 hours.Spin it gently the first few times to ensure that it is sturdy.This template will help you to determine where to drill holes on your wheel and base.Make sure it's deep enough to be able to support the weight of the round (plus the force used when spinning the wheel ).Things You'll Need A few (likely three to four) foot pieces of 3/4 inch thick plywood Screw(s Nail(s) Pencil Butcher paper Masking tape Drill Various woodworking tools, such as a saw, sandpaper, wood glue Empty two liter soda bottle Paint Loading.Anywhere from 20 inches (50cm) to three feet (90cm) is good.

5 5, create a template.
Then, draw a small circle between each of the lines about an inch or two from the outer edge of each wedge.
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11 Try using only primary colors or arrange the colors like a rainbow: blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and purple.
From Webkinz Insider Wiki, jump to: navigation, search Click here to return to the Picture Gallery's main page.2, when sanding wood, it is best to start with a coarser grit and then move up to a finer grit to get rid of minor imperfections.Create a color wash that allows use of even more colors in the quilt.9 You can either glue numbers or prize images onto the wheel or draw/paint them.Retail:.00 Back to Top Paint Stitch: Vibrant Acrylic valentine gifts ideas for fiance Quilts DVD This is a fun class that produces stunning results even if youve never worked with acrylic paints.Add a ghost layer that is lighter or darker than the base blocks colors.3 Attach the flapper to the base.

When you create the arrowhead shape, cut three notches into.
Allow each segment to dry before you start a new one.