The President says he likes to read, but often gets interrupted by emergency phone calls.
Climate change programmes across the whole federal government, but especially in the Coast Guard, the maritime security agency of the US which also does ocean and endangered species conservation work.
But that's not this Pope's style.
When it floods, transport to and from school is a major challenge Lisa Murray 5/12 Sugeng, a fish and crab farmer from Indonesia who suffers financially every time the area floods Lisa Murray 6/12 Tan, a vegetable farmer, learning new methods through Oxfam in Vietnam.
Several alliances, including the 28-member military alliance North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ( Nato ) have declared climate change as a global security threat, especially in the Middle East where drought and famine are growing concerns.the Pope's second written gift to Trump is no easy read, either.The Vatican's Secretary of State brought up climate change during the meeting as well and encouraged Mr Trump to stay in the Paris Agreement.They do here what they would never do in developed countries or the so-called first world." He went on to write that by itself the market cannot guarantee integral human development and social inclusion.Lisa Murray 2/12, a Dinka woman fetches water in South Sudan.Indeed, days before meeting Trump, Francis pledged to keep an open mind about the mercurial American President.The question is particularly poignant as the United States considers reneging on the Paris Climate Agreement, which 147 countries have already ratified.In his proposed federal budget, Mr Trump also plans to cut the State Department and EPA budgets - the agencies where much of federal climate change work is done - by nearly a third.Pope's speech to Congress in 2015 in which he"d the revered civil rights leader.Then again, he has a long flight home from Europe on Saturday.

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I won't forget what you said." CNN's Jeremy Diamond contributed to this report.
Who converse 25 off promo code knows, maybe he'll settle down on Air Force One and crack open his signed copy of "Laudato." After all, Trump did tell Francis, as he bade the Pope farewell, "Thank you.
Pope Francis addresses the ties between multinational corporations and climate as well.
The agreement is considered a large part of President Obama's legacy, particularly his work on environmental issues like establishing a protected national park in Hawaii and passing legislation on clean energy.
Lisa Murray 3/12, veronica in South Sudan preparing tea outside her home, recently ravaged by heavy flooding.Lisa Murray 10/12, farmers harvesting chilli in Ethiopia, lisa Murray 11/12.Mr Trump and his aides have often played up the president's business acumen and experience running a global company."He doesn't believe in humiliating or criticizing people directly.".So, not exactly "The Art of the Deal.Trump gave the Pope a first-edition set of books by the Rev.Smith, along with a set of Martin Luther King Jrs writings, according to NPR.He may be quick to criticize actions, but rarely, if ever, savages someone personally, even if he sharply disagrees with them.Trump, in turn, presented the pontiff with a bronze sculpture of the lotus plant, Rising Above, created by Florida-based artist, geoffrey.