He also talks about behind the scenes stories about how a Spirit animated movie almost came to pass, the New Frontier animated movie and future work.
He mentioned going to a recent Star Wars convention and how the diverse fans and their easy going ways had a big impact on him.
Darwyn said it's a short book that is one of his favourites in the Parker series and recommended it as a place to start.
They started off talking about how they got involved in comics and how it relates to their current academic work.The Bill Finger Award was presented by Mark Evanier and Athena Finger.Mark Evanier gave the origin on the Bill Finger award, Jerry Robinson's role and his own experience of meeting Bill Finger.They spoke briefly about the Cotton Club, the production of Cotton and its impact on Europe.Traci spoke about the process from the editor's perspective.Toward the end of the panel Dorkin told some funny stories about some run-in's he had with comic retailers.For the general public tcaf was May 14-15th.He spoke all the changes at Archie over the years and where they came from.Peter also spoke about the 3rd Hidden Earth Book, Fallen Angel, Star Trek Novels and the comic book adaptation of his screen play.They then talked about the Death of Superman and one of the reasons it was done was do to a negative reaction to not getting to do the Lois Lane marriage and the popularity of Image Comics.He also spoke about Superfolks that influenced Kingdom Come.

Ed discussed the reason he does crime stories because when he was on the wrong side of the law in his youth, involved in shoplifting, doing and selling drugs to other kids in his school and he likes the stories about the desperation of committing.
Jonathan Hennessey showed his The Comic Book property tax discount History of Beer and said it's his goal to bring ideas that have been floating around in academia out into a more mainstream audience via the graphic novel format.
Owner Calum Johnston accepted the award.
Jules Feiffer Goes Noir (54:17,.7mb) Panel was with Mark Evanier, Paul Levitz and William Menaker, from Liveright, a subdivision of WW Norton.He did this because he learned not to assume that everybody knows his comic strip.Mike said thanks to the internet if you have talent it is much easier to get noticed as people are looking for talented artists.Convention Horror Stories (46:14,.3mb) This is an eccc tradition qatar coupon code 2018 of where Jim Zub and another guests tell convention stories, both good and bad about themselves and their fans.The group also said what is uplifting to them.12, 13 and 14 (Chapterhouse Comics) Jenn Woodall for Magical Beatdown Vol.Derf Backderk on My Friend Dahmer (54:03,.4mb) Derf Backderf talked about his Graphic Novel My Friend Dahmer.Both Joyce and Arthur received Inkpot Awards.Sean talked about inking, painting covers, photo-referencing design.

Lgbt Comics for Kids and Teens: The Time is NOW!
Toronto Comics Arts Festival (tcaf) 2009 (May 9-10) - 106 Photos The Secret History of Manga in North America!
Towards he end they were short of time and really rushed through the last of the books.