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We host a lot of meetups here in Denver.
I dont want to trash Code Academy because its great.
But of course as instructors, we're with students the entire time, so we end up helping them as much as possible.But the in-class group projects have mostly been pairing.And its appreciated that whether theres an accreditation or not, there might be some reticence about going to more old school qualification in the larger bootcamp community.Go is basically a general-purpose programming language.

Weve had one formal project so far.
The instructors look at how rs 1500 prize bond draw result youre doing, and then they go into your Github and see if you finished, how good your code looks.
I started at Galvanize in October 2015.
Our resident program offers contract positions for a fixed length of three or six months.
We dont ask them to do code challenges or complete things before they get here.It was set - thats what I wanted.But there are also so many resources available from Galvanize.The question is how do you find a work-life balance?Were looking for the same things we look at in all of our gSchool programs.Plus, is The Iron Yard back from the dead?