Combining the elegance of pdn coupon code the Borderies with starry night gift ideas the power of the Grande Champagne region, Martell is an outstanding XO which bears the hallmarks of the Martell style.
Founded by the visionary Jean Martell, the house of Martell has become world-renowned for producing fine, well-balanced cognac with a light, fruity and floral style.
4 jazzman55 Great flavor, easy on the wallet!
Anonymous Easily the best VS of the four major producers.
After that you'll be moving into weighing up the Brandy against the lighter wallet.More than 400 rare spirits, some of which were maintained over one hundred years, found a unique expression in this prestigious cognac.Even today, Martell is the only cognac house to use Borderies in every grade of cognac, including VS, vsop and.Multiple Award Winner, spirits Retailer of the Year 32340 Reviews, rated excellent by our customers, worldwide delivery.For the price, this is an excellent cognac, warm and fruity.3 Drunken Master Its good for new people to try a VS Cognac, very good sense and hint of vanilla but not very smooth, its good with food or cocktals bitter lemon or fizzy.This cognac is made with skillfully blended, mature aux-de-vie from the four finest growths of the Cognac region.Ideal to mark special occasions and after special meals, best enjoyed neat or over ice.Martell Cognac, the oldest of the major cognac houses, has pioneered the art of creating great cognac since 1715.XO - With its distinctive, arch-shaped bottle, Martell XO is a powerful symbol of inspiration, testimony to Jean Martell's visionary spirit.

Martel "L'Or" - the personification of the 300-year history and a tireless search for the ideal culmination of exclusive style Martel.
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Anonymous, better than courvoisier and very easy to drink in taste all round quite nice 4, yann 18 February 2016, great quality for the cheap price tag.
Only when the Cellar Master agrees that the cognac is suitably aged, will the cognac be blended to create such fine styles as Martell.Vsop - Martell 'Very Superior Old Pale' M├ędaillon bears a gold medallion engraved with the portrait of Louis XIV.(Hine my finger points firmly at you!) Avoid three barrels at all costs.Martell is one of the three largest world producers of cognac, as well as a leader in sales of spirits in 20 countries (including Italy, UK, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and others).Martel VS is easily better than Henessy VS or Henessy Fine de Cognac.What I can say is this is on the nice end of the scale for the price point.Enter your email address below, you will be notified when this product is available.One 3cl miniature a day doesn't add many calories and keeps you well within the latest drinking guidelines issued by the UK government.

Anonymous 21 November 2009 Disagree with the previous urvoisier vs is nicer than uth be told, your better off spending the extra?5 and buying Hine's "H" Cognac.
3 Alex ot the easiest to drink I prefer Hennessy v s o p but still it has nice flavours.
You will be glad you did, as its far better.