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In his day, Michael Meyer was journey hair care discount code one of the best-known butchers of the town.
The market in Second Street, besides serving as a place for the sale of food and domestic products, was a good stand for the traveling preacher, lecturer and medicine man who were always assured of an audience ready to listen to whatever was offered, whether.
The power was furnished by a dynamo which was set up in the pressroom of the State Gazette.
The bell, which was cast in 1836, was about three-and-a-half feet high and is said to have weighed approximately eight hundred pounds.
For a number of years, the clerk of the market served in this capacity.The first building of the Greene Street market to be erected was the one running from State Street to Hanover Street.The first exhibition of electric street lighting in the city took place on Saturday evening, November 12, 1881, an the corner of Broad and State Streets.In the days of the Volunteer Fire Companies, the bell was rung to indicate the direction of an alarm of fire, and during the time when Trentons only place of amusement was in the City Hall, it announced the opening of the performances.But all must yield at last to that leveler of distinctions, Death!".Some bearing the evidence of excessive toil and others of comparative ease.It was here, also, that the local butchers, who then did their own slaughtering as well as selling, had their stands.

Common Council ordered new and larger pillars to be erected, and two watchmen were appointed to police the place.
In 1844, the market in Second Street was found to be both inadequate and unsightly, so Common Council decided to have a new and larger one, and accordingly the Greene Street Market was erected.
History of the City of Trenton, "stood the old town pump, and near the pump, stood those relics of barbarity, a whipping post and the stocks or pillory. ."Many people stood along State and Greene Streets forgetful of the cold in their admiration of these thoroughfares illuminated brilliantly according to a report in the local press.It was not until some years later that street lighting was established in Trenton.Cost: 20 per person, where: Maple Leaf Farms 525 Route 9 South, manalapan, NJ 07726.Changes come rapidly amid progress, as it is called, is the law than governs.The latter instrument of torture differed somewhat from the modern instrument bearing the same name, in that the one here erected confined the hands and feet and not the head." At a meeting of Common Council held December 21, 1792, a resolution was passed.THE center OF town, if a Trentonian who died in the early 1860s were to return to the center of town today, he would, in all probability, have great difficulty in recognizing any of the buildings that were standing in his time.Several citizens were summoned before the governing body, but from all accounts, no evidence was secured and the guilty ones were never apprehended.Hill: "Public spirited citizens made a practice of offering them an appetizing lunch, some of the spreads taking place in the street markets, where the butchers stalls were utilized for tables which were set out in a line down the middle of the paved floor.

The Monitor, as well as becoming confused by the steady stream of autos and pedestrians continually crossing the corner of State and Broad Streets.
The Greene Street Market was also a well-known stand for the sale of fish, and the following item from the.