After the party, they can keep this as a little memento of us wellness meats promo code their great send off.
Just make sure their wife doesnt find out about it!
This will keep them always at the ready with a spare pair of underpants in their pocket or purse.
Theyll have so much money, why not turn it into toilet paper?Download pdfs of the men's retirement word search or the women's retirement word search.Make sure you wrap it to look like a real puzzle.Sports-Related Humorous Retirement Gifts, here are a few more ideas for humorous retirement gifts that are sports-related.

No Salespeople Sign The newly retired will undoubtedly be spending a lot of time at home during their retired life.
With just a plain white mug and a permanent marker you can craft this easy DIY project.
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This little gag gift might become a useful product for some.
Old Age, Old Fart, Gag Retirement and Over the Hill - these gifts will add fun to any retirement event!Itll also creep their guests out when they see these bills hanging on the roll.Combat that problem with these gigantic lawn dominoes so they can easily see the moves they are playing.Now, they are officially welcomed with a certificate and everything.You should get good use out." (Actual gift is an old traffic cone to be used as an ear-horn.Think about the retiree's hobbies and personality, and see if you can come up with a gag gift that makes a gentle (or perhaps not so gentle!) dig at one of their quirks :-).You can make them a nice case for their retirement or play a funny joke and give them a case that theyll get a laugh or two out.Theyll never miss wine time with this gift!That adds a whole new level of humor.