how to fix win 10 boot

To uninstall your graphic card driver, you need to do the following: Download Display Driver Uninstaller.
To do that, follow these steps: Press Windows Key X to open Win X menu.
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The steps above may resolve it, but if they dont, or youre not confident playing around with drivers notre dame shop promo code manually, you can do it automatically with Driver Easy.Inaccessible, boot, device ahci, raid, IDE, sometimes your hardware settings can cause this issue to appear.7) Run command Dism /Image:X: /Get-Packages get the packages your installed (X means the drive your system has installed).Solution 4 Enable ahci Mode in bios According to users, you can easily fix inaccessible_ boot _device error simply by enabling ahci mode in bios.If your RAM is working properly, check other major components such as your hard drive or motherboard.6) Run dir command to check what drive the system is installed.Since you cant boot, windows 10 normally, you need to go to Repair nobel prize history and use the dism command to uninstall the packages.

4) On the Troubleshoot screen, click Advanced options.
Solution 2 Uninstall your graphics card driver Some users claim that they started getting inaccessible_ boot _device error after updating their graphic card drivers.
Inaccessible, boot, device installing Windows 10, according to users, sometimes this problem can occur while installing Windows.
Youll be asked to restart your PC and schedule the scan.It happens frequently while upgrading to Windows.Finding a faulty component can be tricky, and youll have to perform a detailed inspection of your hardware in order to find.To fix this issue, its required that you uninstall your current graphic card drivers and reinstall them.This problem is caused by your configuration, but it can be easily resolved.The problem can be caused by installed Windows packages.Repeat this more than 2 times until you see the Preparing Automatic Repair (see below screenshot).Hope one of the solutions above help you fix the blue screen error.

This mostly works if the error occurs after resetting Windows 10 or while upgrading to Windows.
If below image, you can see the system is installed on the C: drive.
Try disconnecting external device, go to Safe Mode and restart.