how to fit a mortice latch rebate kit

Tubular latch: This is a much smaller piece of equipment than green door sf promo code say a box latch.
Mortice knob: This is a door knob with a spindle which can be turned to awards honors and prizes operate a latch tongue.
Garage door defenders (or garage door protectors cannot be used on side hung garage doors cons: Not suitable for side hinged doors T Handle garage door lock These are another that we are asked about from time to dark souls 1 gifts time, if youve an up and over.Most insurance companies require a five lever lock to be fitted to all external doors.Lever lock: Backplate has a key hole, for use with a sash type lock which contains a lock and a bolt.It requires a much smaller recess to be cut into the door and is therefore much quicker and easier to fit.

The way the garage door defender / protector works is, you fit a plate (with a staple that takes a lock built in) to the floor under the up and over door where the door would be in the closed position, once fitted you close.
York Nightlatch 40mm Satin Chrome, york Nightlatch 60mm Antique Brass.
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Sort of a hasp and staple that is combined (and usually supplied) with a heavy duty padlock.Brenton Padbolt, the Brenton Padbolt, more commonly known as simply a padbolt, is probably the simplest lock to fit to a gate.Fitting is simple enough as there is a handy guide supplied with all the locks; the main part of fitting involves drilling a 28mm hole (instructions that are supplied with the long throw locks mention a 26mm hole, however both Perrys and Gatemate supply 28mm.Three lever sash lock in this instance it refers to the amount of levers inside the lock which are operated when the key is turned.Further reading Secured by Design Locks, Bolts Latches in our Ironmongery Shop Locks for Wooden Garage Doors In the main the locks mentioned are all suitable for side hinged wooden garage doors, however as we are also asked about locking methods for other types.Requires a padlock Nightlatches Quite commonly known as Yale locks (though other brands are available or cylinder locks, these can be used on some garage doors.To maintain the integrity of the joint, it is always recommended that a lock block or dummy rail is fitted to take the gate lock.It is important to bear in mind when choosing mortice furniture, that it is more difficult to operate a door knob than a lever that could be operated with an elbow if your hands are full.Padbolt pros: Simple to fit, inexpensive compared to other locks, as secure, if not more secure, than a long throw gate lock.