gq holiday gift guide 2014

GH Ninebyfour LED light 485 Amsterdams streets are lined with elm treestrees that are occasionally cut down by the local government for maintenance and safety reasons.
Looking at the Modjeskas right now is pure torture, but I cant help but look.
By m, december 4, 2014, when youve got the means, you don't just keep your teeth clean, you shell out for diamond encrusted incisors.
From my own experience, I can say that ews sweaters last longer and feel better than most of whats kay jewelers e gift card out there in this price range.
But really, its the polygonal stealth-bomber finish and secure-grip faceted geometric handle that will widen the eyes of your recipient, especially for those home cooks who like to keep their kitchen tools openly on display and within arms reach.A mobile is often thought of as a childs toy, but I find them to be a playful, colorful way to liven up any ceiling in the home of any adult.Flour made with cricket is naturally high in protein and also gluten-free, so extra points if this bag of sweet treats is given to a baked-goods fan who isnt squeamish about eating Jiminy Cricket.Theyll appreciate youre looking out for their dietary restrictions while encouraging their sweet tooth.Wrap this up with a hand-drawn map of a proposed road trip destination for you and your intended, enjoy, then repeat throughout the year with the same bag and a new map each time.

MZ OpenROV Remote-Controlled Submarine 900 Some gifts encourage exploration of our world, near or far, like telescopes or binoculars.
Learn how to kick ass and take name brands.
This gift says, lets go on an excursion long enough for us to both get hungryyou bring the utensils and Ill bring the snacks.
GH 60 Seconds Awaglass hand-blown timer magnetic hourglass 15 Dear friend, not a minute goes by when I dont think about your magnetic personality.I know they all still love grilling and theyd appreciate the near-smoke-free and super-hot, clean-burning aramaru charcoal, ideal for grilling yakitori, kabobs, and maybe even a sad single piece of Soy-Vay-glazed chicken thigh for old times sake.But their ice cream truck fleet only serve routes across the more design hoity-toity parts of the country (LA, NYC, Austin, and Dallas).Pair this with a copy of Sushi: The Beginners Guide and a cut of sashimi-grade fish for the Japanophile in your life who might enjoy trying preparing raw fish at home.GH Mini Museum 99 Encased between sheets of clear acrylic with eleven rare specimens showcased within ranging from meteorite matter to dinosaur eggshell to the fossilized remains of the earliest life ever discovered theres an argument to be made the Mini Museum is a much.BL Orion Leather Company belt 55 Fed up after wearing crummy belts for years, I put in some serious hours of research to find something better: This Orion Leather belt is the result.Jazz cup sweatshirt (via Anthony.) 85, remember those paper cups youd scrape your teeth to remove the wax coating during your formative school days?Since then, my quest to save up for the greatest investment piece of my life has begun.I decided that instead of worrying or wallowing, I would end the year on my own terms hiking and exploring anywhere I could reach within the radius of a four-hour drive.Maybe theyll feel just a little less stressed the next time the power goes out knowing theres a 175-item survival kit of goodies ready to dig into.

Written by world-renowned mycologist (and founder of Fungi Perfecti ) Paul Stamets, this book is both incredibly nerdy and informational while remaining easy to read and approachable by newbies.
This kit is an invitation to join in the long lineage of hand-dyed fabrics, good for up to eight T-shirts, two bed sheets, or 12 tea towels.