So why not honor that concept by choosing a name that actually has the meaning of "gift?" There are a lot of them - many of them signifying "gift from God" - and here are a dozen of the best.
Mira, sorvino named her daughter Mattea, angel.
Isidore - Greek, "gift from Isis ivan - Hebrew, "gift from God jonah, Jonas - Hebrew, "Jehovah's gift".
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Donatello - Italian, "gift donzel - Spanish, "gift from God ewan - Irish, "God's gift".Also appealing - and growing in popularity in and out of the celebrisphere - are.Donato and the character in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." Equally appealing is sister name.Pandora Lisa Blackwell crossbreedholsters com coupon code played Pandora on Skins.Did you know dozens of baby names have the word "gift" in the meaning?Eleanor and a, dora.Giancarlo - Italian, "God's gracious gift hans - German, "gift from God ian - Scottish, "gift from God".

Shiloh - Hebrew, "His gift theodore - Greek, "gift from God yanis - Hebrew, "gift from God" Zane - Hebrew, "gift from God" Zebediah - Hebrew, "gift from God" Beautiful baby girl names that mean gift From sassy to angus and oink discount code sweet, gift names suit any baby.
Mattea, actress Mira Sorvino named her daughter Mattea.
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Read more about Paco, babble, disney.One other problem though: the popular internet music site.Two equally gifts for world history teachers wonderful gift of God names that are the syllabic reverse of each other, with Theodora particularly popular on Nameberry, right now ranking at Number 286.And note that, since dora or doros means "gift" in Greek, this encompasses a whole range of great names, from Theodore to Pandora.Juan - Spanish, "gracious gift from God".All of the, matthew -related names essentially mean gift of God, and these days its the more romantic foreign versions that sound the freshest.

These terms have been used ad infinitum to describe a newborn babe.