Girls earn individual rewards when selling cookies.
Girl Rewards, participation in the Girl Scout Cookie Program is one of the most exciting and important projects girls undertake. .
To see all of 2018 rewards, download the 2018 Patches and Fun Items List (PDF) or learn about reward options for discount tire surrey Senior and Ambassadors.
Did your troop host a booth sale on a stormy day?When you sell cookies, you learn lots of great skills like goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics - skills that will help you all your life!Many Service Units are planning local Super Seller Ceremonies for this spring. .Cookie Super Seller Events 500 Cookie Club: Dave and Buster's, girls' Day Out 750 Cookie Club: Knott's Soak City Experience 1000 Cookie Club: Camp Scherman Overnight 1000 Cookie Club: Top Seller Reception 1000 Cookie Club: Angels Game Parade 2500 Cookie Club: Apple Store Experience and.Until then, check out the 2018 rewards below for an idea of what you can earn.Girls can also earn special event experiences when selling cookies.Who doesnt love a little recognition for their hard work?

Plus, you earn Cookie Credit as you sell cookies - money that you can use to pay for camp, events, membership or items in the Girl Scout shop!
In addition to these great skills, you earn rewards - like patches, electronics, and exciting experiences.
Rewards are cumulativeyou will earn rewards at every level you reach.With confidence and creativity, you're sure to reach your goal!In addition to learning lots of awesome skills through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, girls can earn some exciting rewards! .In addition to earning funds to help support the activities of the troop, girls also earn rewards based on their individual engagement in the Cookie Program.The 2019 cookie sale will take place February 9 - March 24, 2019.You can also earn patches and fun items for participating in the.The 2018 Girl Scout cookie sale has ended.See your Service Unit Cookie Manager for details of local ceremonies.