He wasnt a huge fan of either.
As you know if youre a regular reader here, our mega gift guides are a true labor of love.
Also available in the Sis version too.This is a really nice, dual-function wooden toy (both a pounding toy and a xylophone) at a reasonable price.This musical toy thats easy to british airways promotion code august 2017 hold and has button big enough for baby to push on his own was the only thing that ever got my kids to stop it was worth its weight in gold I tell.International Playthings Flash Beat Drum.10 (9 months 2 years) My kids were fascinated with this drum from an early age.Plus, Scout has 40 learning songs, melodies, and lullabies.Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set.92 (6 months 4 years) Balls are excellent for open-ended play and motor development for babies and younger toddlers truly, every child should have a set.It was especially helpful when I was trying to make dinner and Hallie wanted to be held and was under my feet, she picked up Little Guy and worked up a sweat dancing.Im not into plastic toys but this one is a must have.

Best way to keep her happy while shopping.
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Since its Etsy, the style changes up, but the idea stays the same.
Spielstabil Nesting Stacker, these are great for home, the bath, the beach, you name.We got one for my daughter before she turned one so we had to help her rock back and forth but she loved.Oball, if your child doesnt have an Oball, snap one of these suckers.So I put my own list together of great gifts for kids under one. Theyre fun to stack, tilt, spin, and wobble and theyll bring a whole new type of building to babys play.World Wildlife Fund adopt a penguin chick You get a little stuffed chick, certificate, card, etc.Each fish scale has a different texture and lifts up to show a drawing.The varying textures, colors, and sizes of the balls in this pack make them extra great for sensory engagement.I dont know what is it about this toy but all babies and toddlers are drawn.Check out my non-toxic shopping se ction.

Theres even a freeze dance function that will help bigger kids burn off some energy.