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Just a thought If some of us find the god/no-god, whatever works for you, language liberating, isnt that fantastic?
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Autonomous and having its own needs and culture, the UK General Service Conference did not follow suit and add the Big Book pitch in their version of A Newcomer Asks.
The Spring 2018 Box 4-5-9: News and Notes for GSO celebrated AA growth outside of our conferences jurisdiction.I am sure that some Big Book zealots dont find thinking to be repulsive or counterproductive to sobriety, what about some of the others who see the devil playerunknown's battlegrounds gift codes holding court in the playground of alcoholics thoughts?I expect that back-to-basics is birthday party return gift ideas for adults growing just as rapidly as secular.The aim of honoring truth was in aid of reconciliation.

We will be amazed before we are half way through.
I remember asking Class B (alcoholic) literature committee trustee Joe D, standing at the podium, if the view of AA World Services Publishing was that Many Paths met the need of agnostics and atheist seeking a pamphlet.
Im not trying to control the conversation.
What are the chances?
With over 90 support of voting members, the 68th General Service Conference (2018 for USA/Canada, adopted and approved the pamphlet The God Word; Agnostics and Atheists.From the General Service Office of AA, a clarification is made about this matter.They still maintain contact with AA friends, they may or may not follow certain AA-like protocols like daily inventory, helping people in need, relying on others when help is called for, etc.From We Agnostics: we often found ourselves handicapped by obstinacy, sensitiveness, and unreasoning prejudice.Consider that this vote wasnt nonbelievers outvoting believers on the General Conference floor.Creating a better society requires thought and empathy and cooperation.Does it widen AAs gateway?Sometimes, this transition is after decades of regular meeting attendance and personal enmeshment (being a sponcee, being a sponsor, service work, etc).

By the 1990s, Big Book Study meetings and weekend were popular.
The 12-Step are not a sanctuary away from predators who sexually, financially or emotionally prey on the vulnerable.