You can use it at any store or online retailer that accepts Visa Debit.
Yes, there is a fee for purchasing a Visa Gift Card.
Treat it just like you would any other credit card.By saving your profile, you can purchase additional Visa Gift Cards in the future without having to enter your account information again.No, you will not be charged a cash-advance fee to purchase a Visa Gift Card.It protects you if your card is ever lost or stolen, so that you can be reimbursed for funds lost.

How can I check the balance on my Visa Gift Card?
If you have not clicked the Submit button, you can cancel your process by clicking the Home link.
It has just as much of a legal tender or credit/debit/pre-paid instrument that requires proper identification To be used at any transaction in any location.
American Express Gift Card restrictions: Your Gift Card cannot be used for certain transactions such as: ATM withdrawals, recurring bill payments (utility bills or subscriptions).
Some retailers will not process your purchase without a valid address registered to the card.Is the Visa Gift Card connected to my credit or the credit of the person to whom I am giving the card?It does not give the cardholder a credit line.You can use your home address as the billing address.You would enter in your name, billing and shipping addresses, the gift card number (15-digit number on the front) and the 4-digit security code (located on the front of the card).Request to speak to a customer service agent.Finally, please keep in mind that you cannot charge back the purchases you make using your gift card.Yes, you can use your Visa Gift Card to make purchases online.Can I add more money onto my Visa Gift Card?It will then ask for the security code, which is located on the front of the card.

Any purchase and/or delivery fees will appear during the purchase process.
That number is retrievable on the back of the amex Gift Card (or try ).
Can I change my address and telephone number after I have received my Visa Gift Card?