I'll be fishing hard this August after the new moon.-Bill Report Date: 7/25-thursday Fishing Report: I put on my bathing suit, hopped in my buggy with my wife and headed for FI inlet to fish dusk.
Of course I could not catch anything from a boat and all the sweet water bass had to betaken by wet wading.
There is something about that place that cries Montuak.My buggy is currently in the shop getting 1,400 in rear differential repaired.He also sells rod accessories."Nope, but that was nite tours las vegas promo code close so let's get this one in now!" Deon takes a turn kneeling next to me, reaching for the leader as I pull back on the rod and pull the leader next to the skiff.I also dropped another nice fish at about 25 plus pounds?Many manufacturers will be on hand, and you will be able to pick the brains of the Northeasts best surfcasters.By about 6: 30 Zeno took off under the light and I went north.Click on is info- I hope will help you customize your trip with me, or it may help catch some fish on your own.Im hoping for some very large that month.Tuesday night my charter and I found a couple of bass on the North side to about 13 lbs on darters.

If that happens my charters and I should be happy.
Over the week I managed to find some sand eels and grass shrimp, but it was only concentrated in a few areas.
Eventually the wet suiter made his way over to me with a black SS darter embedded in his left forearm.
Below is George Bowman with his 37 pound striper he banged on a spring charter with.
Bill Report Date: opening-montauk Fishing Report: TWO openings this weekend saturday AT 2pm-8pm Sunday 2am-8am- If your interested call me at It should be gooood!I had my charter throwing wild eye shad while I threw the old chicken scratch bomber.This to me is unacceptable, and irresponsible.Plastic is also fantastic!On the way out to Montauk, Friday night, I met Crazy Alberto to pick up my Aqua Skin light top, and hood.

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