Annual 120, monthly 20, daily.
Participants must be at least 10 years old.
Private Pilot Licence 30 p / h, pPL (Own aircraft) 45 p / h, instrument 35 p /.
We have been awarded a spot on the 2016 Flight Training Excellence Awards Honor Roll, a title given to high scoring flight good gift for 11 yr old girl schools from aopa's annual flight training poll.
Is prior flight experience required?Sporty's Aviation Video Tips, understanding Pilot Reports (pireps) - Sporty's Private Pilot Flight Training Tips.Do you really get to fly the airplane?Looking to become a Certified Flight Instructor?Your instructor will guide you through takeoff and continue practical experience throughout the flight.

Richmor's Flight School is committed to creating a memorable and rewarding experience throughout all of is this a gift our programs beginning with Private through Commercial certification.
There is no upper age limit.
We aim to offer a simple price structure with no hidden charges.
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Trial lessons gift vouchers hour trial lesson 95 hour trial lesson 140 1 hour trial lesson 185, upgrade to PA28 25, aircraft training self hire, cessna 152 150 p /.I'm starting my private pilot training next week.All aircraft take offs and landings at Fairoaks airport are included and we have negotiated, on behalf of our members, free landing fees at Goodwood and Dunsfold aerodrome you just have to top up with fuel whilst you are there. .Contact Us to confirm your appointment today or simply prepay with the buttons on this page, and we will contact you to schedule your appointment or verify the details for your gift certificate).When landing at other aerodromes simply budget for their landing fee.Do people prefer the C172/Archer over the C152?The 2016 awards were drawn from flight students and pilots who voluntarily reviewed their flight training experience last summer through an aopa online poll.

You bring the ambition and we'll bring the tools you need to become a pilot.
I'm in the airline transport pilot training program now.
Trial lesson prices include your daily membership of Fairoaks Flight Centre, your aircraft and your instructor; for flight training budget for your Fairoaks Flight Centre membership, your aircraft and your instructor.