employee turkey giveaway

Create a high-five board Create cutouts with each employees name on it and paste it to a magnet.
The Biggest Loser Challenge The people over at Corporate Fitness League offer a step-by-step plan on how throwing a successful Biggest Loser Challenge at your office.
Our meat-heavy diets have been linked to autoimmune and inflammatory disease, cancer, and heart disease.Key Shell emergency contact numbers to save to your phone.Institute Summer Fridays Most businesses experience a decline in sales/business activity during the summer months.They find that fresh air and some sunshine often make people more productive once they get back.Group Activities and Fitness Hacks.Compile the best ones into a collection and share around the office via a downloadable document in email or a simple printed booklet.The SnackNation Ultimate Productivity Playlist is our personally curated selection of lyric-free songs guaranteed to maximize focus and increase your effectiveness.

To get some ideas, check out these healthy snacks for work and healthy office breakfast ideas.
Organize a recurring weekly stress circle employees can attend if they want to talk about anything.
Put on some tunes Play some music through speakers around the office.
Provide your employees with healthy office snacks.
Its a popular fixture of the SnackNation kitchen and it just stores that sell hollister gift cards uk looks cool.Highlight crucials green at the end of the day if they were completed and red if they were not.Subsidize wearable technology that helps employees track their activity Wearable technologies like FitBit can help people monitor their fitness levels, track their sleep, and challenge friends who also have the device.Employee Wellness Idea #27 - Turn your meetings into walking meetings Click To Tweet.Survey your employees to find out what is working and what is not Dont waste time and energy on corporate wellness initiatives that employees dont find engaging or beneficial.Check out our list of 27 ways to improve your work productivity for even more tips.This will help create a better level of accountability for each person and lead people to focus on the most important items: ( Heres a more in-depth look at how we amazon promotional code december 2014 uk do Crucial Results at SnackNation) 107.Each employee gets a card to mark down the days they partake in ridesharing.A facebook group will also easily allow people to organize group hikes.21 Days of Gratefulness Challenge Track 3 things youre grateful for everyday on a shared Google sheet for 21 days. .