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I jamberry christmas gifts talked about before for their App Store Optimization tool, and they also happen to have a promo code dispenser for apps on the US Store.
You redeem your codes, import them in and it creates a unique link you can send to your contacts, like this one: /your-app-name Importing promo codes in the dispenser This link will bring your contacts to a page like the one below, where they can.
This means that every user must go to your app after finding your promotion, then must pick out what he or she would like to buy, then must proceed to checkout, then must actively search for some code redemption field or page, and finally must.
This method can be particularly effective if you embed a Branch deep link that will redeem a coupon code.How to Generate Promocodes with iTunes Connect?One way to make sure you give users a great user experience is to redeem the coupon for them.App Store Promo Codes 50 100 codes per release, 28 days per code.Generating app promo codes is done within iTunes Connect.The Regular Way, an iTunes promo code looks like this: TA6FWX69RJ9A.If there is no available code left, visitors are offered to provide an email address so you can get in touch with them.

To use a promo code or download code open iTunes and navigate to the iTunes Store.
That way, you wont be losing any of these precious codes.
In the world of mobile apps, coupons still exist in multiple different forms.Regardless of how theyre used, however, coupons have been a long-lasting method of increasing sales, but they can also be a great resource to actually drive more app installs for your mobile app.Actually, you have to create a promotion for your app.Coupons in Referrals, what better way to gain traction than to have your own users promoting the app.This is what your contact will see when going to the redeem-now link Tokens for Mac A third way that you can make the process easier is by using Tokens for Mac.

Once you create a promotion, you cannot change the number of codes.
Promo codes are great, but they can be kind of a pain to redeem for someone that has never done.