Hunter 701 cabin starboard Cabin portside navspace Looking aft starboard quarter.
A delight to live in and fun to sail, it is an excellent platform for extended cruising.
I also offer a what is a winning powerball ticket 20 discount on volume purchases or free.It was described as runs and generates electricity but needs a new starter rope and a fuel filter. .Buyer must notify me within 48 hours of delivery, if they are "not" satisfied.Therefore, when Mark and I started thinking about buying a boat, our first two criteria were that it be in superior condition and as new as possible.As the Lister-Petter is 40 years old (as is the boat I have taken the precaution of designing the engine bearers so that a modern Beta 10 HP twin diesel can be installed easily.Christine Palmer Associates, clark County Fairgrounds, vancouver,.These are the Ford-Chevy- Dodge of the sailboat industry (not in any particular order). .Here's something a little different, but I think most of you know I collect something, don't we all have a small display somewhere?Because the boat was built after the replacement model (45DS) was in production, it features a few of the components that are standard on that model, including a laminate cherry interior, which we love, and a larger fuel tank, which has come in very handy.Stretched out, and our feet don't touch.

Next in importance was a large swim platform and cockpit shower, as we envisioned frequent swims off the back of the boat and we knew we would need easy access to the dinghy when we lived at anchor, especially hauling groceries, daypacks, trash and laundry.
You would never know they were the same model boat. .
Remove (by hand-scraping) all of the many coats of interior paint and the original contemporary (it was the 1970s dont forget!) furry lining.
Followed by neutralising primer, flatting and then two coats of ME100 epoxy probably brushed.
Washington residents must pay sales tax (or include a filled out resale card with payment).The faltering economy worked in our favor, suddenly making the larger of the two boats a viable option.A full sized chart table to be fitted, athwartships in place of the galley.When we named our boat, it was the only boat with the name Groovy in the US Coast Guard Documentation database. .Specifications, length Overall (LOA) 43' 4 waterline Length (LWL) 39' 2 beam 14' 6 draft 6' 6".The little beastie shown above has proven invaluable for driving power tools and vacuum cleaner and work has proceeded much faster since Gennys acquisition.