cute class christmas gifts

Giving a child a book is always a good idea.
Homework Passes, you cant get any more free than the classic homework pass.
It doesnt matter whether you have 5 or 205 students.
We love these ones from Alpha Mom.
Netflix Binge Watch Basket from Over the Big Moon.Wordles and applies them to clipboards with Modge Podge.Source: discount experience days Craft and Creativity.Personalized Art, one of the teachers from our WeAreTeachers Helpline group gave us a fabulous idea.After a few busy holiday months, Im sure a nice movie night in would be welcomed!There are zillions of templates to download.Well the same is true for kids, too!We love these creative ones.Source: The Peanut Gallery, if your students are crazy about Minions, check out this adorable free template.

Gum Most teachers dont allow gum in the classroom, so when you give each student a whole pack for him- or herself, theyll definitely know its a special occasion.
These fun (and funny) candies are an easy gift to throw together for any group.
Its quick and easy, and kids always need pencils!
You could add this tag to a full sized Bundt cake to make it a little nicer if you want!
The Gift of Christmas from The Idea Room.If you have a teacher that you know is religious, I love this gift idea!Her students love the daily reminder of all the nice things their classmates think of them.Mini Christmas Tree Gift Idea from Over the Big Moon.Classroom Coupons Homework passes are fun, but there are lots of other classroom coupons you can offer, too!