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Any such changes may affect your ability to use the awards or mileage credits that you have accumulated.
May have damaged bark, kinks or other faults making them more difficult to work with.
Standard hazel 22 mm to 32 mm (7/8" to 1 1/4 at thickest end.
Premium grade more regular shape and size with good bark colour and condition.
During shipping the bubble may become trapped below it and stop the dial rotating - try tapping the compass on its edge on a hard surface to dislodge the bubble then place upright and allow to settle.Moisture content with air dried sticks varies but will normally be between 15 and 20 when measured with a digital moisture meter.We never have large stocks of ready straightened Hazel and tend raging mammoth promo code to straighten them in small batches or as they are required.I won't send you anything that can't be straightened if you use my methods - I keep the really awkward ones to do myself!

Chestnut shanks, seasoned and straightened - with bark.
Lightly sand or scrape the top layer to reveal a lovely olive-brown under-bark.
Turned shanks For something looking a bit more formal.
Apple sticks Ash shanks seasoned AND straightened Straightened in lengths 52" TO 54 generally around 24 to 26mm at thicker end Ash Stained dark brown.40 Each Qty Ash - peeled, all bark removed9.60 Each OUT OF stock ASH These are a pale grey colour.
Smooth with steel wool and varnish or oil with the rest of the stick Brass, as in pool-cues, to make a collapsible stick.Essential if you are taking your stick on an aeroplane!Black or white can be found on the tools page.His very public departure from the church must be an embarrassment to Archbishop Rino Fisichella, who personally accompanied Allam on his path to Christianity.Tools, carving knives, chisels, sanding sealer, wood oil etc.Chestnut seasoned and straightened.Although we nearly always have hazel, we do sell out of some of the other "seasoned only" sticks.Forms a tight plastic cover.Very similar to Blackthorn!Hazel shanks 48" Seasoned straightened.

Straightened in lengths 52" TO 54 generally around 23 to 26mm at thicker end, Lightweight grade is 20 to 22mm.
Can be used on metal, too.