Helena also holds a certain unspoken fondness for Zack, comparing him to her father in DOA5 and favorite things gift exchange ideas stealing peeps at him from time to time when it seems nobody is looking.
His single strikes (such as the long bazooka ) are powerful, but leave him open for attacks and throws.
He also fights Bass once more, and both fight over the who is going to win the prize money.A b Romano, Sal (October 6, 2012).V0YbcSngvIOk Navigation boxes Edit.Presumably, she knew of Zack via various pro-wrestling shows she had watched." Tales of Xillia 2 upcoming attachment DLC detailed".Zack refers to Niki as his lucky charm and even named a beach on his island after her.18 The script was handled by multiple writers: Naoki Yamamoto, who had handled Xillia 's side events, wrote the main scenario.Afterwards, Zack and Niki are reacquainted and go on an expedition to Egypt where they discover and explore a crypt, finding a large fortune, fighting off and fleeing an army of undead skeletons in the process.A self-taught Muay Thai boxer, Zack only enters the Dead or Alive Tournaments for money and fame.

7 The day after, the official site revealed the game's central theme is revealed to be Sentaku ga Mirai wo Tsumugu RPG (RPG, lit.
The enemy mob's number, appearances and behavior vary and are dependent on the mob's avatar.
35 36 Famitsu 's review of the game was positive and commented on how the game will meet expectations of fans of the series.
6 The game will also have a bundle with a specially designed DualShock.
Misaki Edit Although they are never actually seen interacting, Misaki is implied to work for Zack at New Zack Island, or more specifically, the Venus Islands.It takes place between the first and second Xillia games and follows Jude and Alvin.While achieving a place in the top three in the previous three tournaments, either due to other contestants withdrawing or through his own efforts, Zack is the "winner" of the fourth tournament, as Helena Douglas gave up her title of winner to him.Zack is a regular customer at Hayabusa's curio shop, shown through the items shown in Dead or Alive Xtreme.However, by the time of Dead or Alive 5, Zack becomes a polite and reserved man; he may have learned this working under Helena.If the number of dimensions reach a million, Origin will release a miasma which will kill everything but spirits.Battles take place in real-time.

Helena Douglas Edit Zack saved Helena from her attempted self-sacrifice suicide during the destruction of the doatec Tritower.