Partridge, "A.
It expresses a sense of futility about hoping to succeed or, generally, to get something-anything-done.
N O, p Q, r S, t U, v W, x Y, z It is really very important while you are young to live in an environment in which there is no fear.It is not used as in "the flower was for her." For also means, because of or as a result.People would say it when something unexpected or a bit of bad luck spoiled their plans."He could not think for jeaslousy." Which would translate "you cannot win as a result of losing.")."Well, my girlfriend dumped me, my dog died, I got fired from my job, I went to grab some fast food to make myself feel better and on the drive back I got a flat tire, and when I finally get home I realize they.Gisborne: Is that not winning?The elaboration watch the ultimate gift movie online "You can't win for losing with its added play on logic, was around in the 1960s.Robin Hood: Hes killing more people.

Actually, the word 'for' may be taken out of context here.
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Top definition can't win for losing unknown, a phrase meaning that things would be going great for you if they weren't going so badly.
Robin: Show me an argument ever settled with bloodshed, and then Ill call it winning.Posted by Stile on March 26, 2002.It means that losing keeps you from winning; you can't win because things keep going wrong.Most of us, as we grow older, become frightened; we are afraid of living, afraid of losing a job, afraid of tradition, afraid of what the neighbours, or what the wife or husband would say, afraid of death.Fear, Live, Death, Job, Wife, Husband, loading.Guy of Gisborne: I understand the king is winning, thanks be to God.Authors: A, b C, d E, f G, h I, j K,.Realize that without losing, winning isn t so great.

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