The installation was part of a major retrofit project in 19It yielded a 25 percent reduction in annual energy costs, saving the building management approximately 23,000 in utility costs each year.
Germany Bavaria, Franconia 60 61 John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse Thermal storage, ice?
The joint project by the technology and system supplier, Caterva GmbH, and by the Nuremberg community utility N-ergie Aktiengesellschaft, is supported by a grant of the State of Bavaria.United States New Mexico, Albuquerque 29 Irvine Smart Grid Demonstration: Residential Energy Storage Units Battery.016.004 4 Southern California Edison (SCE) and its partners will deploy advanced Smart Grid SG) technologies.United States California, Irvine 29 hecogreensmith Battery Energy Storage System Battery, lithium iron phosphate.02.005 4 Greensmith has provided heco with a lithium ion bess to integrate a level 2 EV charging station with a nearby solar array.United Kingdom England, Bedfordshire, Leighton Buzzard 11 12 Cowesses First Nation Wind and Storage Demonstration Project Battery, lithium-ion.6.4.5 The project combines a single 800 kW Enercon wind turbine with an energy storage system provided by the Saft Groupe.A., with the goal.This article is about grid storage other than pumped-storage hydro.Water is pumped up to the tower mounted receiver and is converted to steam, which, in turn, is used in a conventional turbine generator to produce electricity.In April 2014 the AES Corporation announced plans to build a 100 MW energy storage facility to complement its existing North Ireland power station near Belfast.United States California, Los Angeles 4 Fujian Electric Power Research Institute Mobile Energy Storage Station II Battery, lithium iron phosphate.37.125 3 In October 2011, the Fujian Electric Power Research Institute began plans to develop a mobile energy storage prototype project consisting of (I).When Anxi is not producing tea, the system is moved to Fuan to meet peak electricity demands for the processing of white tea.South Africa Limpopo, Steelpoort 29 Charleston Energy Storage Project Battery, sodium-sulfur 6 1 6 This was the first MW-Scale NAS application outside Japan, installed by American Electric Power to provide peak-shaving and transmission upgrade deferral benefits.The power block comprises a solar steam generator and a steam turbine delivering 50 MW (net).

Primary benefits include peak shaving and demand charge avoidance.
United States Ohio, Painesville 4 Giheung Samsung SDI Project Battery, lithium-ion 1 1 1 Li-ion battery based energy storage system for industrial energy management with peak-shifting.
For this overarching collaborative demonstration, epris Energy Storage Program (P94) and Distributed Renewables Program (P174) are working in partnership with select utility members to investigate PV-battery integration capabilities.
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The system capacity is 800 kWh nominal, 500 kWh normal usage using two 12 m containers for its batteries and one for its power conditioning system.United States Oregon, Salem 4 JC Penney Headquarters Thermal storage, ice.1.425 12 The system offsets the peak demands of electrical use by making ice each night to cool the building the following day.The project is supported by.S.The energy storage will allow Kodiak Electric to increase reliable wind generation from.5 MW to.Aquion's AHI technology uses thicker electrodes, less expensive separator and current collector materials, and benign materials for electrodes and the electrolyte.