baby shower gifts made from diapers

Materials: (m affiliate links) 23 diapers 1 pacifier 1 sleepwear coverall (suitable for 3-6 months baby bib.
This is also an occasion to shower gifts (of course) on the discount buying sites new babybut what on earth do you buy or make for a baby?
Personally I love the idea of david dobrik fanjoy discount code adding stuffing and sewing the top closed discount stainless steel countertops after baby outgrows the cocoon.It's also a great alternative to a traditional diaper cake.Ive made a few gifts from scratch like this cozy afghan blanket, but most of the stuff Ill be gifting is pretty mundane and practicalagain, diapers and the like.This will be the babys head.What a wonderful surprise!This would make an amazing baby shower gift!A link Etsy : Your place to buy and sell all things handmade.Do this until you have 8 diapers rolled together.Diaper Wreath, you can even hang this on the door of the baby shower or as a backdrop to the party.The bright colors here look amazing together, and you can be sure this would be a showstopper at any baby shower!

Airplane Diaper Cake Here is another awesome video by the same cleverr who made the choo choo train.
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Snake pillows arent just cute and cozythey are actually designed to help keep baby safe!Visit the link below for a full tutorial.I think these are amazingly artistic and really quite convincing, and a wonderful way to showcase a lot of bright, fun colors.Between the third and fourth diapers on the babys head, insert the pacifier.The sushi rolls look scrumptious, dont they?Suddenly it seems like they are all I am thinking about.Visit the source link below for a full tutorial to learn how to do this yourself!Check out these awesome photography props!Do the same with a second diaper, and roll it around the first.

Diaper Guitar, for the rock n' roll baby, a diaper guitar is a must-have item at a baby shower.