See your water usage like never before: by fixture type, when those fixtures run, how long and how many times.
Project tracking based on opened web pages, documents, and window titles.
Create rules to tell Qbserve when to track time for a specific project.
Your privacy and budget are important to us: All tracked data is stored locally on your Mac and never sent anywhere.
Its icon changes color to reflect your performance.Going out of town or filling your pool?Please note that the code version is the 2017 Florida Building Code which became effective December 31, 2017.Real-time feedback, qbserve keeps you focused with multiple reminders so you can be productive and distraction-free.Product Approval, uSER : Public User, you can search for products by FL number or by any search criteria.It also detects web page addresses in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and some other browsers.Flo's water concierge and proactive support are at your fingertips to help solve your water issues.Flo's Microleak technology proactively monitors the integrity of the entire water system to identify even the smallest vulnerabilities.Dynamic icons, qbserve gives you a productivity score, which you can easily see at all times in the menu bar.Because the best way to avoid water damage, is to prevent.It is the first time tracking tool that actually works for.Get detailed information, troubleshoot the issue, shut-off the water, get help, and more.

Flos machine learning and artificial intelligence categorizes your water use good one year anniversary gifts for your girlfriend and gives you detailed water usage data.
Try it and make more use of your time!
Get all of your pending alerts in real-time through your Flo app.
It was the perfect tool to help me keep track of my daily browsing habits and finding other productivity killers.
Chat Support only with FloProtect, see how much water youre consuming with daily trends.By using the one-tap water shutoff switch, you can immediately turn off the water coming into your home.Adjust your mode to Away or Sleep so the system can better protect you.Some searches may require you to select more than one criteria to limit large system searches.Every one of us would like to spend less time on distractions.Qbserve has many flexible billing settings to fit your needs and 18 invoice languages to choose from.There are options to ignore private browser tabs or pause tracking.Individual logging of Slack teams, Skype chats, and videos.

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Timesheets with activity summary, timeline, and notes for each hour.