Here are some other adorable Back to School Crafts and DIY Teachers Gifts surname scroll gift that youll love!
Anyone else like me?
Hole Punch, first you will want to paint the outside of your mason jar with the chalk paint.
In the guise of a gift (when, in actuality, he just did want the healthy food).
It dries super fast. .Perhaps it started when a kid didnt want to eat the healthy snack his mom packed for lunch and gave it to his teacher.Tie a ribbon around the rim and it is all ready to bring to school. But pens, markers or treats are also other great ideas to fill this with as well!You might also like this, colorable Teacher Card : This post appeared first.

You can find the full tutorial for this Apple Mason Jar Teacher Gift.
Paint the Jars and Lid-Ring, the first thing you want to do is clean the jars thoroughly and prime them before you paint them.
Because giving a teacher an apple has such a strong correlation.
You spray a light coat. .
You can use sand paper to distress it a bit if you want to after it is completely dry. We really love how they turned out Take a look!Collection of Teacher Gift Ideas Using Mason Jars. Take your time, let it dry well, and do 2-3 coats for a completely opaque finish.This will remove any residue, dirt, grime and grease.