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After our time in Kyoto, we head to Hiroshima to learn more about World War Two and appreciate the scenery.
With every 10 spent on our pop culture-themed product offering of apparel, accessories, home goods, gift and novelty, and collectibles, BoxLunch will help provide a meal secured by Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks.
Discover the beauty of Kyoto at proozy promo code treasures like Fushimi Inari Shrine and the Golden Pavilion.This fully escorted Japan tour takes you to Tokyo's best Anime and Manga spots before embarking on a cultural journey through Tokyo, Hakone,.Black,.99Black,.99Black,.99Black,.99Black,.99.Tokyo - Akihabara - Hakone -.At the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and A-Bomb Domb, we will visit the monument to World Peace.After our Anime advent is over, we will spend a day visiting museums, temples, and Japanese gardens in Tokyo.

There's also a sushi lunch at the famous Tsukiji Fish Market, and Asakusa Sensoji is the perfect place to get all your gift needs for friends back home!
Embrace Japanese culture through a bullet train ride and even stay in a Japanese style hotel, complete with traditional Japanese cooking.
Highlights of Japan Hiroshima Anime package!
Embrace Japan's perfect mix of trendy pop culture and ancient traditions during this unique 10 day journey through the Land of the Rising Sun.
Please pick an item so we can magically put it in your wishlist.During this Highlights of Japan Hiroshima Anime tour, we will spend two days pioneering through the major anime and manga spots the city has to offer.Fuji, Kyoto, Nara, and the City of Peace, Hiroshima!During your Japan tour, you will even participate in green tea ceremony, sample sake at a brewery, and watch a great kimono fashion show.Fuji - Nara - Kyoto - Osaka - Hiroshima.You can also extend your vacation before / after the tour in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto.Once we reach Kyoto and Nara, our time will be spent enjoying the history of Japan, visiting temples, shrines, rock gardens, and much more.Please yffindor,.99Gryffindor,.99Gryffindor,.99Gryffindor,.99Hufflepuff,.99Gryffindor,.99Gryffindor,.99Slytherin,.99Slytherin,.99Slytherin,.99Slytherin,.99Slytherin,.99Slytherin,.99Slytherin,.99Ravenclaw,.99Ravenclaw,.99Ravenclaw,.99Ravenclaw,.99Ravenclaw,.99Ravenclaw,.99Ravenclaw,.99Hufflepuff,.