The food just kept on coming!
So thanks for a great day out to everyone, and particularly to Bagpuss, Woolly and LYM for looking after us all so well.
Given the number of us it was, shall we say, a very cosy atmosphere, but who could suggest a better way of spending a rainy Sunday afternoon in early January?Circle-: We welcomed 1 new virgin, who down downed well.There were plenty of birthdays to be celebrated, including Riff Raffs, Woollys, Yogis and Doppelgangers.Duration: 20min format: mp4 - price: US11.95 Add to Shopping Cart Add to Wish List v6931 Catfishing Presents: Full of Cum 1 All mature straight latinos, full body and faces, cumshot ensured.Which then really confused the hell out of sniffers sat nav.Slipper For having expensive car problems, He transferred his down down to Hugo as he was driving.CvC led the charge as usual but soon came back from maker faire 2017 discount tickets a falsie only to disappear once more.Duration: 10 min format: mp4 - price: US0.00.Twenty three or promo codes for viator 2016 so came via car, train and pensioners bus, oh and don Juan used his usual method of navigation which involves driving round in ever decreasing circles until he see some one or something he recognises.

The trail continued a well beaten route with Cerys (Kit) running like puppy with her parents in her wake until we arrived at the church then on to new wooded section were we came across a local swain and his lass obviously having some secret.
But as we threaded our way through the centre of Beccles it became apparent that our destination lay further south.
Down downs were too many to mention, (there was a lot of John Smiths to get rid of).
Wiveton Downs are a range of rolling chalk hills topped with a glacial till of rock fragments that formed were a glacier had calved onto the Blakeney Esker during the ice age forming this awe-inspiring landscape.
It is a Hash View!To some up the run it was both naturally scenic and with views of industrial landscape also a railway line that was Norfolk's first, to please Wooly.Our Hare Shunt showed occasional doubt when he laid arrows along the way as his Co Hair.The trail took us onto part of the Paston Way, one of the shortest national trails in the country, that runs from Cromer to North Walsham, via, of cause Paston, no we did not run the full trail but we did run some.There was a surprise late visit from Santa, too, resplendent in his red robe and white hair, a special treat for the kiddies!