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It just ended being Paranoia Fuel.
The victim doesn't buy.To encourage the reader to "be a good host it uses this passage from Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose : A host has to put up with all sorts of pests, For a host, above all, must be nice to his guests.(Although two of the motorcycles in the commercial have two headlights.) The song is actually about the singer reminiscing about his best friend's death and how it affects him.Commercials for The History Channel use the Matchbox 20 song "How Far We've Come which contains the lyrics "Let's see how far we've come".and ignores the lyrics that opus one gift box come before it: "I believe the world is coming to an end Oh well, I guess we're.

Other They played Édith Piaf s Milord once during a Beauty Queen (the Israeli equivalent to Miss USA) contest.
" One compilation album of love songs included "Rhinestone Cowboy" which is about as far from a love song as it's possible to get, short of singing of the glory of nuclear war.
Australian ads for phone company Vodafone at one point featured 'Awkward' by indie band San Cisco, a song about being stalked by someone both in person and through repetitive text messaging.
While the spca does want the viewers to love their rescued animals, they probably do not want them to love the animals in that other way.Many restaurants and companies thank our veterans each year by offering them discounts or a free meal.M Main Event, Nov.What they likely miss is that that the song isn't at all about young people dying, but miracle on 1st street toy giveaway instead about a rebel who wants to deflower a Catholic girl.Having Mercedes sing "Spotlight" in "Asian F" about her desire for the spotlight, when it's about a woman in an abusive relationship.Tucanos Brazilian Grill, Nov.M Italian Restaurant, Nov.