OnAdStarted This method is invoked when the ad starts to play OnAdRewarded This method is invoked when a user should be rewarded for watching a video.
Type; double amount ount; int( event received for " String " " type public void sender, EventArgs args) gifts for kids going through chemo event received The OnAdRewardedevent contains special event arguments.
WardBasedVideo stance; questRewardBasedVideo private void RequestRewardBasedVideo #if unity_android string adUnitId "ca-app-pub / #elif unity_iphone string adUnitId "ca-app-pub / #else string adUnitId "unexpected_platform #endif / Create an empty ad request.
OnResume if (mRewardedVideoAd!null) sume(this @Override protected void onDestroy super.
; Ad event, description, onAdLoaded The OnAdLoaded event is invoked when an ad has finished loading.This reference can be retrieved by calling stance.Because users hold the power of choice, they don't have to see ads they aren't interested.However, once you register an app in the AdMob UI and create your own ad unit IDs for use in your app, you'll need to explicitly configure your device as a test device when you're developing.OnClickListener clickListener new View.OnAdClosed This method is invoked when when the rewarded video ad is closed due to the user tapping on the close icon or using the back button.LoadAd(request, adUnitId public void sender, EventArgs args) event received public void sender, AdFailedToLoadEventArgs args) int( event received with message: " ssage public void sender, EventArgs args) event received public void sender, EventArgs args) event received public void sender, EventArgs args) event received public void sender.If your app paused its audio output or game loop, this is a great place to resume.

Public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity private AdRequest mAdRequest; private RewardedVideoAd mRewardedVideoAd; private SharedPreferences mSharedPreferences; private TextView mTextCoins; private Button mButtonVideo; private int coins; @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) mSharedPreferences coins tInt(pref_coins, 0 setContentView(tivity_main mButtonVideo (Button) findViewById(n_video tEnabled(false mTextCoins (TextView) findViewById coins tQuantityString(ins, coins, coins /AdMob.
Prerequisites, complete, get Started.
Katie from the Mobile Ads SDK team stops by to help Andrew talk about rewarded video mediation.Null) use(this @Override protected void onResume super.OnAdOpening This method is invoked when the ad is displayed, covering the device's screen.Currently, the game is in development stage and not released on the store.It's been specially configured to return test ads rather than production ads for every request, which makes it safe to use.This guide shows you how to integrate rewarded video ads from AdMob into a Unity app.Currently, the fill rate is around 30-40 and I always see the same rewarded video.