The other company that I use to order from before could not even come close to your price for these lenses.
UV-absorbing contact lenses are NOT substitutes for protective UV-absorbing eyewear such as UV-absorbing goggles or sunglasses because they do not completely cover the eye and surrounding area.
598 people found the following review helpful: Accuvue Oasys lenses are the best yet These lenses are very comfortable.
The 14 clinical studies evaluated subjective comfort as a lord and taylor gift card primary or secondary endpoint for acuvue oasys Brand with hydraclear Plus Technology.We will update this page once a new rebate program is available.160 people found the following review helpful: absolute best lenses, after years of searching for the right contact for me, I have finally found it in Acuvue Oasys.These keep my eyes comfortable, and I have never had an issue with them.This offer is not valid in combination with any other offer, rebate or Satisfaction Guarantee.Is offering a manufacturer mail-in rebate when you purchase acuvue oasys lenses.1 selling contact lenses brand in the world2, providing your patients with long-lasting, unbeaten comfort3.And I don't ever experience having to 'pull' my contacts out like they're suctioned to my eye like I used to with other contacts.Not responsible for lost, late or undelivered responses.Oxygen transmissibility at centre of a -3.00D lens using boundary-corrected, edge-corrected Dk values.Highly recommend these to people who are debating to try contacts or not!

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195 people found the following review helpful: highly recommend these lenses Great contacts, I recommend them for anyone who wants great comfort- Acuvue Oasys Contact lenses are really great for almost anybody 190 people found the following review helpful: perfect lenses for me Love Acuvue.
168 people found the following review helpful: Acuvue oasys are the most comfortable.
My last pair were Acuvue-2, and I'm pleased with them, but I've developed scar tissue on my corneas because I've slept in them about 12 out of 15 nights per lens.
I've always been scared I'd have problems with contacts and that I'd feel them in my eyes and all that, but I couldn't even feel them the first second they came into my eyes.I used to wear the advance and the oasys contacts are much better!It actually feels like you arn't even wearing contacts.1009 people found the following review helpful: Excellent contacts!Lens material senofilcon, a Wetting technology, hydraclear plus technology, water content.

119 people found the following review helpful: Acuvue Oasys stands above other lenses.
This mail-in rebate is not valid when you buy from Costco, walmart, Sam's Club, 1-800 contacts, Sears Optical, or Target Optical.
My doctor just recently turned me on to Acuvue Oasys contacts, and they are by far and away the most comfortable lenses I have ever worn.