48th anniversary gift for wife

By celebrating this anniversary you are a very unique read more 65th Wedding Anniversary The 65th wedding anniversary deserves recognition, and the gemstone associated with this milestone is troy university application promo code 2015 the blue sapphire, symbolic of loyalty and some say can bring read more 66th Wedding Anniversary Congratulations.
We cater for all tastes and budgets covering traditional and modern interpretation of each annviersary.
You could even stay in a romantic castle.
Celebrating a couples 82nd wedding anniversary with family, friends and neighbours is probably best during the day time read more 83rd Wedding Anniversary How fantastic to be celebrating an 83rd wedding anniversary, congratulations on becoming a member of a very elite club.Fortunately, there's also a gemstone or precious metal associated with each wedding anniversary.Called a copper wedding, friends and family build the couple half an arch made from spruce (you get the other half when you reach your 25th).Celebrate your 22nd anniversary with the beauty read more 23rd Wedding Anniversary Congratulations on reaching the 23rd wedding anniversary there are few symbols that represent this anniversary.An alternative could be a visit to a relaxing spa for the weekend.When it comes to silk, why not invest in some beautiful silk lingerie for yourself!60th anniversary: Diamond The word 'diamond' originates from the Greek adamus, meaning unconquerable - which, if you've lasted 60 years, is the perfect epithet for your own marriage.38th anniversary: Beryl Beryl is a little known, colourless gemstone in it's pure form.

It has and with people living longer the chances are there will be more couples joining read more 90th Wedding Anniversary Celebrating a 90th wedding anniversary has got to be one of the rarest celebratory events in mans history.
This is the year of wisdom, philosophy and reflection.
Rubies are red, so why not plant a red rose in your garden as testament to your love?
Now's nordic rays discount codes your chance to take a dream trip to Ireland - the Emerald Isle, in celebration of your anniversary.13th anniversary: Lace/Associated Flowers: Hollyhocks, romantic lace is often associated with weddings.Tickets are, of course, paper.A less costly option is to enlarge and frame a favourite (wedding?) photo.The traditional gifts for a 9th wedding anniversary read more 10th Wedding Anniversary, the 10th year wedding anniversary is a huge milestone and known as the Tin anniversary and congratulations.